Tag along with us and see what happens.

Mr Tumble has a great idea that’s about 5 foot by 3 foot. Everybody’s gonna want one. This is his inspiration but with a bit of a twist. We’ll keep you posted.



4 Responses to “Tag along with us and see what happens.”

  1. mikecoulter Says:

    Dear Mr Jimbo someone once told me that the only way to start is to start. I think you’re onto somethoing here.

    But as person who’s had a million ideas and only actually done 2 of them, iI appluad (sp?) your dive into the blogosphere.

    Let’s continue down this track, and indeed use it in a combination of encouragement and kickupthearsification (is there such a word? I’m sure their is.) for the great Mr Smudgeshot of St Albans.

    I remain sir,

    (Note to pouting blond secretary; ‘Please put the usual, old, well mannered, insincere nonsense we always put on the end of our correspondence and missives.’)

    Mr Tumble. (retired.)

  2. PAUL STRANDed Says:

    Chronicles from the Blog Cabin in Maine

    Enjoyed your stories very much, love the white legs in Benalmadena pure Bruce Webber.

    Glad you loved the Lake District. my old stomping ground.
    Next time seek out The Drunken Duck to be recommended.

    I’m in the puberty stages of Blogging and yet to be set loose on the world; I don’t know my hard thingy from my floppy what’s it ( my Auntie ,does but then He is in the Navy and that’s another story).
    If I could find a way of sending you some digital snaps I could let you see the local event here in Yarmouth, Maine. The annual Clam Festival is taking place, the area is clam packed with people eating, drinking, and merry making in true Maine style. I will keep you blogged.
    Love from the Blog Cabin

  3. PAUL STRANDed Says:

    I’m really interested in seeing Mike Coulter’s Blog do you have an e-mail address, I have reason to believe he is well respected in the world of ( Blagging and Blogging…..copyright Paul Stranded )

  4. PAUL STRANDed Says:

    Really wanted to hear Ruby singing but coudn’t open the video.
    Take care will look forward to your new pages
    God Bless
    Lord Snowdunder

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