We’ve lost Scotland’s greatest living artist.

Just heard on the news tonight that Ian Hamilton Finlay has died. He will be sorely missed by the Scottish art community, although it was abroad that he was lauded more than by his ain folk. I was lucky to have collaberated with him on quite a few projects and visited him only last Autumn when I took this photograph.

Ian H Finlay2.jpg

I was introduced to Ian in the 70’s when a photographer friend, Dave Paterson, was working on a book for him.
I ended up designing the book “Selected Ponds”, and immediately struck up a relationship with Ian.


When I visited his garden last year I hadn’t been there for some time and was amazed at the amount of new work, some of which you can see here.

Hand Grenades.jpg

Heather Hut.jpg


I dearly hope that the garden will continue to be maintained the way Ian would have wanted.
It is one of Scotland’s true artistic gems.


2 Responses to “We’ve lost Scotland’s greatest living artist.”

  1. mikecoulter Says:

    Sad news indeed.

    Thanks for sharing your photographs of IHF’s work.

    I haven’t been to the garden yet, but will soon. (The ‘Hand-grenade Gate’ is amazingly impactful and thought provoking.)

    He may be now gone, but his art, his imagination and spirit live on, and I suspect will grow. (In the eyes of the many, who will now make a pilgrimage to his Garden to pay their respects.)

    Mike and Carol.

  2. Chrissy-Boy Says:

    Hi, Jim. Thought of you when I heard the sad news about IHF last night. Finally got round to visiting Little Sparta last year. Fantastic. Ideas and words as far as the eye can see. What a garden: so green and yet so read.

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