“The Hearts are having a party. The Hearts are having a party. The Hearts are having a pa-a-rty. The Hibs are in their bed.”

As this little ditty rang round the streets of Gorgie last night I couldn't help thinking that the party should really be being held at the bottom of the M74.

Gretna came to Hampden as underdogs and went away empty handed, but left with the respect and admiration of any fair thinking Jambo.

Alan Main deserves particular mention for the way he dealt with Jankauskas's injury near the end of a punishing match. Also for the way he led his team round all of Hampden, and not just to the section with his deflated fans.

Lucky? That was more than lucky. And it was the 13th. But at least my wee bro can rest a bit easier in his bed after travelling all the way from Jo'burg for the final and seeing his team pick up the cup.

Bednar lo 2.jpg

Roman in the gloamin'

Balloon 2.jpg

Ready to party. No balloon jokes please.

Bus 3.jpg

The boys are back in town.


Dontcha just love that Gorgie style! Cheer while your eating.


You can't take the boy out of Gorgie as the bro eyes up the new mechandise. But where would it have all gone if we'd lost? Probably to Christian Aid and ended up somewhere far away from here with people posing the question “Hearts, who is the Hearts?”

Well wait till next year and the Champions League. Then everyone will know who we are, he said with a wry smile.


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