Spainwards we go. Two boys off in search of the man who has everything.

It’s Thursday June the 8th and we’re taking Theakstons, a fiercely Yorkshire beer, to the land of sun and sangria for the latest advertisement in their campaign.

Will Atkinson and yours truly dreamed this little number up a couple of months ago, and with Corny the snapper extraordiaire once more ready with his trusty Box Brownie we meet up early on Friday at his Hotel, The Puente Romano near Marbella.
(10 out of 10 if you fancy a holiday in the Costa-del-Cash. And Grand Luxe by the way.)

The Corn met someone on the plane trip over who he says will fit the bill of our 40-ish millionaire. Neil, for it is he, is over on a golfing trip with a few mates and jumps at the chance of meeting his new 24 year old wife.

At this point it might be worth reading the copy from the ad and you may get the drift of what I’m wittering on about.


Lunchtime and we’re off to Puerto Banus to in search of the young lady who is to be betrothed to Neil.

It turns out that The Corn has landed lucky and has been put in touch with not one, but four lovely women by his crimper back home.

We’re spoiled for choice when we meet them so all the girls decide to marry Neil.
Just for the evening that is. But they’ve heard he’s got loadsamoney.

Saturday arrives and after the drive to Benalmadena Harbour we’re all aboard the good ship Andrea and soon heading out into the Med in the capable hands of captain Fred, the Cornish Pixie.

The Corn suffers a bit queasiness from the rock ‘n’ roll of our boat but comes good as usual snapping away for over an hour before we return to port.

Back in the relative calm of the marina we grab a few more shots before the sun goes down and Neil eventually has to return to singledom and let the girls head off back to Puerto Banus to get ready for a last night of boogieing.

A special thanks must go to a Mr J. Hitchin who kindly let Will and I stay in his gorgeous hacienda for the duration.

Finally, look out for the fruits of our labour in a Sunday supplement near you soon.

And, before I forget, order yourself a lovely pint of Theakston Old Peculier. Millionaires drink it, don’t you know.


Neil, the serial bigamist.


The Missus, the Missus, the Missus and the Missus.


Corny’s wobbly sea legs.


Ahh, the life of a copywriter.


The queasy snapper safely back in port.

After ploughing through hundreds of shots taken by the Great Cornetto we’ve finally settled on this one. Hope you like it



2 Responses to “Spainwards we go. Two boys off in search of the man who has everything.”

  1. ian/jambo/africa Says:

    and you call that working ian

  2. Neil Says:

    Cheers Jim, It was tough assignment.

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