Second of July. Second Daughter’s big day.

9.30 and we head off for Ambleside in the Lake district where our daughter Kirsty is graduating as a homeopath this Sunday.

As we cross the border the weather gets hotter and hotter until it’s neary 30 degrees when we arrive at The Aardvark B&B, our home for the next 2 days.

We soon meet up with Ruby, Stu, Chris, Fiona and of course Moo. Kirsty meanwhile is cooped up in College for the last day, apart from a quick break over lunch when we see her fleetingly.


“Quick Moo, it’s melting.”

It’s England’s big day at The World Cup and the village, with its St George’s crosses everywhere, goes eerily quiet 15 minutes before kick off.

No chance of watching it in any of the local hostelries so we 3 boys decamp to a room in the Aardvark to watch.

Quick fast forward to 6.45 and it’s all over for Sven’s men once more. No real guffaws from the 2 Scotsmen in the room. Just a case of history repeating itself.

Ah well, there’s always South Africa in 2010 and maybe, just maybe, The Tartan Army will be there too.


Three lions feel the pain.

There’s a ceilidh tonight for all the 3rd year students and with the temperature still hovering around the mid 20’s it spills outdoors round the newly modernised church hall. Lots of tiny tots are there to enjoy it too.


Moo & Ruby take time out from the ceilidh.


Grand-daughter one dances late into the night.

Ruby and I head homewards at 11 o’clock, way, way past her bed time but she’s still as chatty as ever. Maisie hasn’t lasted the pace and had gone home with Chris & Fi earlier. It’s been a long hot day.

Sunday afternoon, and with the weather still high in the 20’s we climb the steep hill up to the campus where the graduation ceremony is to take place.

It’s sweltering in the hall and after nearly 2 hours of plaudits and presentations from the staff, and many tears, we head outside for strawberries and cream.


“Well done that girl.”

After 3 years of hard work and all that travel to and from Ambleside it’s great to see Kirsty finally achieve what she set out to do. And made us really proud parents.

I’m sure she’ll miss many of the friends she’s made here but can take great encouragement from what the head of the school said at her presentation: “Kirsty, I’m sure you’ve got a great future ahead of you.”


“Well done Mum.”

Around 7 o’clock we all march to Lucy 4, a great pub in the village for a celebratory meal. The food is fab and nearly all gluten free which is well appreciated by Ray and Fi.

Moo is finally pooped around 9.00 and spends the last hour conked out on a bench beside us. Back to Aardvark and bed around 11.30.

Next day as we head homewards I spot a sign in the village that makes me smile. Someone had obviously been watching the Portugal v Holland game.



One Response to “Second of July. Second Daughter’s big day.”

  1. tim maguire Says:


    I’m deeply impressed: every frame a bold and disturbing masrerpiece, suffused with love and empathy for the subject. Glorious and inspiring. I may have to buy a Nikon and take your seminar.


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