Number two is now three.

What’s it like to be popular? Maisie, our second grandchild had so many people to see she had to have two parties.

The first took place at her favourite haunt, Molly’s, where 15 or so kids got the chance to run and jump wild, up ladders and down chutes, before sitting down to sausage rolls, sandwiches, sausages, crisps and drinks.

Good planning. Had it been the other way round I think there would’ve been some cleaning up to do.


Come on in. It’s great.


Isla having a ball.


Grace, Rosie and Ruby give us big smiles.


Robin is Spiderman.


Food glorious food.


Moo gives us one of her special smiles.


Cake Number One.

A day later and Maisie had all those three candles to blow out again surrounded by a gaggle of oldies, (Aunts, Uncles, Grannies etc), who couldn’t make it to Mollys.


Cake Number Two.


Robin, Sam, Ruby, Grace and Maisie at Party 2.


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