Ruby’s big day.

First day at school. Remember that feeling in the pit of your stomach. Standing in the playground surrounded by more adults than children wondering what it’s like inside that huge stone building.

Well today it was 1st grandchild’s turn to do the wobbly walk through the gates.

It turns out that one of her front teeth had gone all wobbly too, on the very morning.

Obviously it just wanted to stay at home hiding under the pillow.


“Don’t I look smart, Gran.”


“Me and my best mate Robin.”

Anyway it all passed off relatively calmly except for one poor little howling soul who became welded to her Dad at the thought of entering the echoing corridors.

It’s the start of a new chapter in young Ruby’s life, and a day I think she’s glad is behind her.

Now she can get on with the serious stuff, like chasing boys round and round the playground and trying to avoid getting her head flushed down the lavatory.


“Bye Mum.”


“This is my very own teacher, Miss Sprott.”


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