“Oh, we do like to be beside the seaside.”

Big moving day for Fi, Chris and Maisie all the way from Leith to sunny Portobello.

Everything goes smoothly apart from the BED. It simply won’t go up the winding stair, so Chris and Stu have the pleasure of undoing 50 or so screws to take it apart, humph it up 3 flights, then rebuild it again.

Maisie has been off staying with Granny No-No in Glasgow but will return to find she’s got a new bedroom the size of her last sitting room.

Great views from the house. Fife and the Firth of Forth one way. Arthur Seat and the Calton Hill the other.


“All we’ve got to do now is empty all these flippin’ boxes.”


“Dinnae tell them, I’ve been hiding in this one since Thursday. I never went to Weegie-land.”


2 Responses to ““Oh, we do like to be beside the seaside.””

  1. lyndseymac Says:

    Great photos, I have had a bit of trouble uploading photos. If the file is large the site wont let me upload it and I had to reduce the quality to post it. Maybe you can give me some tips. Meanwhile log on to
    see you soon

  2. Lyndsey Says:

    A couple more question for you. How do I add a caption to my photos?
    Can I re-assign a post to a different month etc and can I change the order they appear?
    I have updated my site with better size photos and some new ones, check it out!

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