Village people.

While we search for a new place to live my cousin Billy has kindly let us stay in his “other house” in the Dean Village.


Number 17 (Bell’s Brae House) is an early 18th-century L-plan dwelling with a stair projection in the angle, restored and partly altered between 1946 and 1948 by Sir Basil Spence.


Ray, who was born and lived her early years a matter of yards from here, remembers going to Sunday School just across the road and also ringing this very doorbell and running away.

An old custom, a bit like “chicky-melly”, but that’s another story.

Actually “chicky-melly” was a trick Oor Wullie used to get up to. You attached a button to a thin piece of thread. Then, when it was dark, you pinned it onto a window frame with the button hanging down. You attached a long, long thread to that and from a safe hidden distance pulled the thread back and forth.

This resulted in a tap-tap at the window. When the owner of the house looked out he could see nothing. The trick was repeated over and over until you got fed up and went off ringing door bells and running away.

As this house has three front doors we’d be a bit busy if the local asbos were still up to this trick today.


My workroom. With a perfect window for “chicky-melly”.


The downstairs eating area.


The sitting area overlooking the river.


The windy stairs, worn away by hundreds of ups and downs.


The Dean Bridge seen from “The Dene” was designed and built by Thomas Telford and opened in 1831.


It was an important development for the time, opening access to the North of the city, during the development of the New Town.


Towering spires of Holy Trinity directly across the river.


This doorway stands but a few yards from the front of the house.


“God bless the Baxters (bakers) of Edinburgh who built
this house”


Detail of the above sign. The inscription written on either side of the centrepiece reads “God’s provedenc is our inheritenc.”


Plus another close-up.


This other stone is situated directly across the road.


The old Dean School, now flats.


The sign above the entrance to Well Court. 


One Response to “Village people.”

  1. Lyndsey Says:

    Like the photos
    Can you send me a couple of photos of R and M with high pix so that I can order personalised jigsaws for mum to give them at xmas time

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