17 for Xmas at Number 17.

A small fib there. But it makes a good headline.

There were indeed 17 expected for Xmas lunch but unfortunately Mr and Mrs Muir had to call off. So 13 cheery souls ventured down to The Village to join Ray and I in our temporary abode.

A roaring log fire in the small sitting room kept eveyone cosy for the present swapping before Mum and the 2 daughters snuck off to prepare everything in the upstairs kitchen.

Ruby was desperate to try out her roller-blades but the cobbled streets outside put her off.
Looks like it’ll be Porty Prom tomorrow for her.

Turkeys got off scot free this year as we had roast fillet and all the bits – roasted veg, roast tatties, yorkies and gravy. Those who were brave enough went on to trifle and Xmas pudding.

A special thanks should go to Mr & Mrs William Dobbie of Saxe Coburg Place for kindly letting this gathering enjoy Xmas in such wonderful surroundings.


Lovely girls, but no angels.


No angel, but a princess.


“Look Moo, it’s a BIKE!” Ruby tells Moo Santa hasn’t let her down.


“Go on Moo, give us a smile.”


Moo shows off her Mr Nosey book.


Ruby’s just fallen off the top of the tree.


Daddy’s girl.


“You are the Dancing Queen, young and keen, much older than you seem.”


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  1. marie Says:

    Please, see my message on your flickr gallery.

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