Things that go stoß (bumb) in the night.

Ruby & Maisie were here at number 17 for “a sleepover”. Well that’s what Maisie calls it.

They were tucked up in bed by 9 o’clock and sound asleep by 10.

I’d just broken off from watching Jonathon Woss on Red Nose’s Big One and had climbed into bed ready to catch up on the day’s Guardian.

It was 11.30.

Suddenly there was this almighty bang in the street outside.

“Somebody’s crashed into the house” I immediately blurted.

“That’s what I thought” replied Ray.

We tiptoed down the two flights of stairs and peered out of a small window.

Sure enough a White Volkswagen had ploughed into the side of the building missing the front door by a foot.

I ventured outside in my dressing gown to find the driver, a boy of about 17, standing in the road holding his wrist and full of apologies for what he’d done.

The poor guy had lost control on Bell’s Brae on the slippy cobbles and veered right into our wall.

The car was a total write-off.

And the boy, luckily, had nothing more than a fright.

As for “the sleepover”, they slept right through it all.


All that was left of the car in the morning.

“Sturdy things these Volkswagens” I thought to myself.


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