History at the Hub.

After working with the SNP for the last 11 months it finally arrives.

The 3rd of May. Voting day.

Will Atkinson and myself have produced countless posters, press ads and party political broadcasts for the Salmond and Sturgeon attempt to shake Jock McConnell off his dodgy perch.

And now comes the final test.

After being 5, 6, and even 7 points ahead of Labour recently, all the red tops get their scaremongering vests on and spread doom and disaster all over their front pages.

The Wimps.

So, come the day, we know it’s going to be close.


Spotted this sign in George Street. A good omen.

At 5.30 the support gang are huddled in The Jolly Judge public house nervously waiting for the result.

Mr Dommet’s phone rings, “It’s 42/42 he mumbles.” But the good news is there are still a few results to come in. “Will it go to penalties?” some wag blurts out.

No, the wifes and girlfriends were at home if you ask.

We glance at each other knowing a defeat at this late stage could mean all our hard work had been in vain.

The phone rings again.

“It’s 47/46. To us.” Handshakes all round. Relief mixed with incredulity.

We march quickly across the High Street to The Hub, the SNP venue for today, win or lose.


The air is electric. Hugs are everywhere. The big man has yet to arrive but the inner hall is jumping.

News comes through that he’s sneaked in the side door and his arrival is imminent.

A door opens and immediately I’m caught up in the media scrum that huddle round him all the way to the stage. Elbows are the weapon of choice.


Cameras are everywhere. Flashes come one a milli-second. Alex struggles on through the backslapping and glad-handing. Eventually he’s there. Standing on stage to a massive applause.


“I’ve heard a rumour” he starts ” I think we’ve won the Election.”


And you know he was right.

His ten minute speech perfectly sums up the mood of the day and he’s roundly applauded over and over again.


It’s time. Time for him to move out.


“Just the one Jack. But one’s enough.”


And it’s time. Time to give a big thanks to all the boys, and girls, behind the scenes. Ian, Iain, Ian, Sam, George, Rob, Lou, Lee, Katie, Madeleine, Richard, and anyone else connected with this task who couldn’t be there for this one with Nicola. Where were you Peter?


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