The Leith. The Reunion. 2009.

On Saturday the 7th of February 2009 over 40 people got aboard a boat and went nowhere, except into the past.

Meet the crew.


6 Responses to “The Leith. The Reunion. 2009.”

  1. Gareth Says:

    Gutted I didn’t make it. Was too hung over

  2. Neale Gilhooley Says:

    Who was that thin Latin bloke in the tight trunks? He was in more photo’s than anyone else. Oh, and what’s his phone number 😉

    Great night everyone seemed to enjoy it as much as I did.


  3. Ian Butlin Says:

    Looks like a typical Leith party of old – short on the frills and big on the bevvy.

    Has Les discovered some miraculous anti-ageing treatment? He has aged a day.

    Can you make it an annual event so I can save up for next year?

  4. ronnie duncan Says:

    How come Les actually looks better than he did in the 90s?

  5. Philomena Hamilton Says:

    Looks like a typical drunken Leith event. Recognized most people and have to agree that Les hasn’t changed a bit – in fact I’m sure I recognize that shirt !
    Would have loved to have been there – but it’s a bit far to come from Florida for a drink. Thanks to Marion for the link.

  6. Philip Morley Says:

    Wonderful to see these pics, Jim. Wish I’d known about the event and I would have travelled up, no matter what. Let me know if it does go annual.

    Some of you guys are still beautiful after all these years. No, you all are X


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