The ads are good but the beer’s better.

With our old friend Corny (the snapper extraordinaire), Will (Atkinson that is) and moi have had great fun in the last 6 months doin’ some press advertisements for the beer from Masham, Theakstons. Here’s a couple of snaps from two yet to appear.


man-ghost 2.jpg


And here’s the rest of the round.






Look out for 2 new ads coming soon.

Here’s one…..


And here’s the story…



One Response to “The ads are good but the beer’s better.”

  1. Hue Says:

    Hi JIM

    Had a wee look on the blog and read a bit about the wedding, enjoyed seeing how Ray looks these days (hope she enjoyed her book)… then landed here.

    Caw! You and Will continue to do beautiful work ~ I love your Theakstons campaign! Hope the client is over the moon: they should be.

    Here you can see a recent poster of mine… you just click on the arrow and a small carousel of photographs rotates ~ mine’s the one with the three faces AND IN FACT… I can be seen in a beige jacket in the picture before that ~ I had nothing to do with any of this: I just found it. Goodness knows where my stuff goes…

    Say hello to Ray and Kirstie and Fiona (if they can remember me)


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